Friday, September 11, 2009

We are a nation of snack lovers………..

Our summer trips were getting planned and as customary our trips involve many yummy snacks. This time I decided to make something new, which I haven’t tried earlier! We prefer spicy snacks to sweet dishes. So we concluded that we experiment mucchore in my workshop ;) for our Germany trip.

Mucchore is a savoury snack made in homes of Kannada speaking people. It is something similar to chakkuli with a spicy version. Generally this is made during festivals like krishnajanmaasthami, or during weddings and Aarathi ceremony i.e occasion during 7th month of pregnancy.
Many of them prepare it well in advance for their trips or picnic, as it’s easy to carry and to eat. You can have this anytime anywhere doesn’t require any frills like ketchup/chutneys or any serving dish. This can be stored in airtight containers for months.
Mucchore is one of the snacks that tastes best with evening tea or just a munching for that weak moment around 11.30ish or any other time during the day when one feels they need to exercise their mouth or to satisfy all those tindipotaru‘s (slang in kannada for snack lovers) hunger ;)
I think we are a nation of snack lovers. My mom used to make such snacks like kodbale, chakkuli, muchhore, nippatu, khara sev …and store them in a particular container. Whenever I entered the kitchen I knew its there right in that box and it used to be so tempting….. Peek a boooooo and one gone….so this way without anybodys notice or guilt muchhore enters your stream ;). Am sure this is the general trend and not just with me :)

While returning back from my India trip, by chance I carried along with me the chakkuli oralu or the murukku maker, which made my job easier. I got the victory over mucchore hurraayy!!!But yes credit also goes to my public-spirited mom who shares all the recipes and my supporting husband without whom I couldn’t have done so many trial runs/research for a successful release on abhi-ruchi :)!
Heres the recipe I followed for mucchore
Akki hittu/Rice flour – 3cups
Putani powder/roasted chanadal – 2cups
Om pudi/Ajwain powder– ½ spoon
Red chilly powder – 2tbspn to 3tbspn
Ghee – 2 tspn
Hot oil – 4tbspn
Salt as per taste
Water for mixing the dough
Oil for deep-frying


  • Mix all the ingredients in a big plate using little water at a time. The dough consistency should resemble that of chapathi dough (As shown in the picture below)
  • Fill the chakkuli maker till ¾ with the dough and press to make round shape or your desired shape
  • Deep fry these in oil on medium flame till golden brown & then remove them on a paper towel
  • They cool and are ready in a minute with your cuppa tea/coffee.
    Make sure you store them in airtight containers only after they are cooled.
    You all can pickup few from abhi-ruchi and enjoy with your evening tea ;)!
    Have a nice day :)!!!


  1. Mouth watering... My akka used to prepare such yummy mucchore, that it became my fav.:)

  2. Dear WONDERFUL muchhore something great you have done Geetha really surprised to see on ABHIRUCHI BLOG NAN A Rashmi NDE EN ANDKANDIDIYA rASHMINA GOTTA Germany trip anta bardidiya ell muchi itkandiddi namage kodleilla. Hoglibidu Bannachannage bandide good India KKE BANDAGA KANDITA MADKONDU BARUVU DU O.K.KEEP IT UP FOR YOUR HARD EORK WE ARE PROUD OF YOU. GEETA SRIPADRAO.


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