Sunday, January 5, 2014

All about the scope

Here's few tidbits from my son who's 6 yrs now and it's amazing to see kids come out with original jokes :). So thought why not treasure them to cherish sometime later on :)

Scene was in the kitchen while I was making Parathas and my DH and son waiting with their plates in hand :).
The paratha puffs like a poori and DH cannot resist saying slice it and throw an egg in it to make lovely egg paratha. I was like whattt?? Yes that's how the guys ate somewhere near IIT Delhi during their college days on the road side ;)
So thus the story started..... Hostel days, pocket money etc Remember our lil curious George was right there hearing everything....
P asks his dad so pappa what do u mean by hostel? Pappa geared up cautiously to answer all the questions of our little curious monkey:)

P says so mama and you studied in same college and you both fell in luv with each other and that's how you got married? Didn't you?
DH says nope we were in different college.
P says then howcome you got married?
DH : I am still wondering? Lol
Mom : that's not funny.....
Now comes the gyan guru ;);)
Mom: Nope P ours was an arranged marriage.
P : what's this arranged marriage .... Is it something to do with arranging stuff
Mom: certainly.... Parents meet first and then exchange of  information and then horoscope match which is a must and I went onnnnnn
P : I knew telescope, microscope but what's this horoscope all about??

We were all lol.......
Before he comes up saying horoscope marriage is a marriage filled with horror stories quickly finished the Parathas and slipped them on their plates and we all enjoyed the hot Parathas with some pickle + yogurt and went on a laughing riot :)

Thought I must share this with my friends!!!

Have fun and happy parenting!!!

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