Friday, June 26, 2009

Blissssssss……state of mind!

“FUN AND FRESH AIR ARE GOOD FOR YOU – Its Official :)”. Yep we sniffed some fresh Indian mangoes full of juice, flavor, fragrance and colour during our London trip and managed to flip them in our suitcases :). It was ages that I had tasted ‘maavina hannina seerkarne’ ( similar to mango milkshake but this is not completely pureed in a blender) as we always end up in India during off season :-p and today just a little of this gorgeous treat made me feel I was in heaven!

In context I would like to share a piece of writing that I read few days back about ‘Bliss’. It goes like this….
Learning an instrument, appreciating beautiful surroundings and relishing time with friends could be as important to your mental health as eating fruit and vegetables is to your physical well-being. A team of over 400 eminent scientists have identified 5 key areas that can help people lead happier, more fulfilled lives. Physical activity is high on the list, but the other feel good strategies they identify include learning new things, developing strong relationships, being curious and appreciative of the world around you, and doing things to help others…simple changes that could make all the difference to your state of mind…
Eating good and healthy food also elevates the state of mind, which I experienced in our lunch today. Thus, another quick, easy and no cook recipe i.e maavina hannina seekarne
Mangoes –2
Fresh whole milk – 1 Cup
Elachi/ cardamom powder – ¼ tspn
Sugar is optional

  • Wash mango, peel the skin and squeeze the whole mango in hand to collect the pulp into a bowl (Do not completely puree the fruit). Discard the seed what we call it as vaate in Kannada.
  • Add milk and mix well. Next add cardamom powder and mix well with a spoon.
    All Set....It couldn’t be any easier :).

Serving suggestions: This is generally served with chapathis. Some of them like to have as an accompaniment with holige/pooran poli.
You could also blend everything and chill it and serve as a drink.

Get into the spirit of season and enjoy the little essentials in life :) !!!


  1. yummyyy! Yeah, it is a great accompaniment with chapati!:)

  2. This is the yummiest that it can get.....enjoooyyyyyyyy

  3. YUM! I like the sound of this!! Thanks for the recipe! Great site! :)

  4. Thanks for your appreciation petitechef!
    I liked ur signature ;)


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