Friday, January 16, 2009

Drop Shortbread

Xmas vacation was interesting with sampling new recipes. With the weather supporting us not to get out of the house made us still fond of trying out new dishes :). We being not so movie freaky guys decided to watch ‘Ghajini’ which had many recommendations.

After Amir Khan’s taare zameen par, everyone had great expectation from Ghajini and I bet Aamir Khan did justice to it. It’s a good actionmovie with hardcore filmi romance with a bunch of songs. Aamir, with his anterograde condition has truly done wonderful when his character is bewildered.
But truly we lost interest in the movie soon as it was too much to digest the overdose of physical violence. And also with Khan pouring out the schoolboy charm at 43, the entire romantic part of the film was so depressingly obvious that it doesn’t work at all, and only served in slowing down the momentum of an action film. Overall we felt the film is impressive in bits, with some terrific sequences, but the romance takes away its thunder. I think both audiences and Aamir seem a little less used to such movies.

Well…its just what we felt about the movie….but people who liked it its your opinion….

Soon we concluded that it’s a film that is not to be enjoyed with mouthful of cola and fistful of popcorns and so moved on to bake the melting cookies. We multi- tasked movie watching and baking and thankfully didn’t mess up things ;)

This recipe I got it from my husband’s friend’s wife :) (long 1 ah…). My husband had all praises for these cookies which once he had tasted when his friend had got them to office and described to me that it was just like our ‘Benne biscuit’. So from then on I was after him to get the recipe for me :). Finally tried it on the Ghajini day but believe me the biscuit was opposite to the violence we saw in the movie. Yes it was tooooooooo soft just dissolved in our mouth.

Now our little taster, yes u guessed it right that was my 15months old toddler, up from his afternoon nap to taste the flowers and butterfly designs I made for him on those lovely cookies. He gulps 3 cookies screaming bikki bikki amma fowo (flowers in his dictionary :)), what more do I need :)?

Here goes the recipe for Drop Shortbread


Cornflour – ½ Cup
Icing Sugar (sift) – ½ Cup
All purpose flour or maida – 1 Cup
Butter at room temperature – 1 Cup
Sliced almonds


Beat butter with an electric blender.
To this add icing sugar, cornflour and flour. Beat for about a min.
Place or drop on a cookie sheet. To get a smooth finish make a small ball and throw it on the cookie sheet. Remember to give spacing between the cookies as it expands while baking.
With a sharp knife make a tic-tac-toe design on the top and place some sliced almonds on each cookie.
Bake it at 170degree centigrade at 10-20min or till slightly brown. (Depends on individual oven so just keep in oven till slightly brown).
And then cool it on a cake cooling rack. The quantity of the cookies depends on the size.

Drop shortbread or as we call benne biscuit is ready to melt in your mouth !!


  1. awesome dear :) too good but i liked masala puri more :)...

  2. Glad you liked it :)! Try maadi heli masala puri hengitu antha....

  3. i should try this at home...utkarsh might like this...

  4. Yeah give it a try - Pradyun luvs them!!!

  5. Hey rashmi, really appreciate ur efforts in doing all this with a Kid arnd.. they all look awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing these delicious mouthwatering dishes. Will definitely try and let u know..Way to go man!! realy IMPRESSED!!

  6. Hey Sush! Mucho gracias!!. Glad you liked it...haan try maadi helu henge aagitu antha.


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