Friday, May 13, 2022

Happiness is.......the Joy of making Rangoli :)!

 Happiness is...... the joy of making Rangoli designs! My new found art form for this season - never thought I could get to it. Since my childhood I always admired my mom for her precision in her Rangoli designs. She does them effortlessly, be it a dotted one or a free hand. It's amazing to see her do them patiently everyday and the smile on her face when she finishes a design is worth a million dollars. 

Now in my free time I tried my hand at practising one of my passions - Rangoli, the traditional art form of India. 

Its so magical when you start drawing yet based on mathematical calculations.Once you finish the sense of satisfaction is amazing! Yet you rub it out the next day to create another new design - such a beautiful life skill that our elders have given us. Rubbing it out teaches us to let go of things in life and start a fresh day all together. Hats off to our tradition 🙏. We will try to adapt wherever possible in this bussssssyyyyyyyyy lifestyle.

Spread the Positivity around you :)!

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